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Who we are

Euroconsumers Invest (ECi) works with all stakeholders in the Financial Market by enhancing the Financial Literacy of all investment products available to businesses and consumers in Europe, Latin America and the Rest of the World.

Euroconsumers Invest promotes collaboration, through agreements and partnerships, with companies (Financial and Non-Financial Companies), the Government and other organizations (associations, foundations and private corporations) to create more sustainable products and markets.

We work with all entities and organizations that want to contribute to a more sustainable Financial market and empower all citizens.

Our Mission

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To provide expert financial advice and services to companies (Financial and Non-Financial), and investors in order to improve all financial products available in the markets.

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To bridge the gap between investors and Financial Literacy.

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To empower the citizens for better management of their assets.

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To contribute to a more sustainable economy.

Enabling new financial products

From companies to consumers, we make partnerships with organisations (Government and non-government) willing to contribute for a more sustainable Financial Market.

From our deep understanding of financial products, we provide our partners with the proper tools to face the challenges of the markets through independent product analysis, consultancy and training by experts from different countries.

Worldwide solutions

Our solutions benefit people across Europe, taking in consideration diverse national contexts, who entrust more than 500 million euros of assets under Euroconsumers Invest advice.

Our result-proven methodologies are recognized by the market and have no borders. Our solutions are applicable anywhere in the world.

How do we work?

By doing a complete immersion in the client's reality

Preparing an investment and resource allocation strategy

Modernizing the portfolio and the investment portfolio

Following up in search of rebalancing and adjustments

Experience at your finances’ service

Pedro Moreira

Pedro Moreira is an economist with specialization in business management, postgraduate in Capital Markets and Portfolio Management. It also accumulates several Executive Programs as “Business Sustainability Management” Executive Programme, University of Cambridge Institute For Sustainability Leadership, UK; Executive Program “Product Strategy ”, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA.

Director of Deco Proteste for 14 years, and from 2016 to 2019 also led PROTESTE in Brazil. One of the founders and Board member since the creation of the family office, he is, since his return to Europe in 2020, responsible for the Growth Strategy of Euroconsumers Invest.

Pedro Catarino

Pedro Catarino is one of the founders of the Family Office and Board Member of Euroconsumers Invest – Empresa de Investimento. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in financial services to investors having been a senior financial analyst at Deco Proteste.

He holds a degree in International Relations, business, from the Technical University of Lisbon and has a specialization in financial markets and a post-graduate degree in Corporate Finance from CEMAF/ISCTE. It also accumulates several courses for executives at the Católica University and Porto Business School, as well as certification in life insurance by ASF and training.

International Presence

Euroconsumers Invest is an investment company registered on the number CMVM 373 on the Portuguese Regulator CMVM, which is fully owned by Luxembourg's Euroconsumers group, since 2022.

We are already preparing our expansion to another countries.


In 2021, it was authorized as a Freedom to Provide Services. In September 2022, it obtained authorisation to operate as a branch.

See more in the Belgium Office page.


Entity created in 2016, with registration 514184302 - Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Lisboa.

Portugal is also home to Tree Family Office, which is a brand related to Euroconsumers Invest that provides customised solutions for portfolios and family wealth, such as investment advice and risk management.


In 2021, it obtained authorization for Free Provision of Services.


Authorisation for provision of services obtained in 2022.


Authorization for provision of services obtained in 2021


Discover our solutions for the Latin American markets.

Partner for Consumers, Associations and Companies to improve Financial Solutions and Markets.


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