Euroconsumers Invest - Belgium Branch


Who we are

We are an investment company focused on providing financial advice and on the creation of financial products and services.

Euroconsumers Invest (ECi) works with all stakeholders in the Financial Market by enhancing the Financial Literacy of all investment products available to businesses and consumers in Europe, Latin America and the Rest of the World.

We work with all entities and organizations that want to contribute to a more sustainable Financial market and empower all citizens.

Our Mission


To provide expert financial advice and services to companies (Financial and Non-Financial), and investors in order to improve all financial products available in the markets.


To bridge the gap between investors and Financial Literacy.


To empower the citizens for better management of their assets.


To contribute to a more sustainable economy

Our approach

From our deep understanding of financial products, we provide our partners with proper tools to face the challenges of the markets through adequate product analysis, consultancy and training by experts from different countries.

Worldwide solutions

Our solutions benefit people across Europe, taking in consideration diverse national contexts, who entrust more than 500 million euros of assets under Euroconsumers Invest advice.

Our result-proven methodologies are recognized by the market and have no borders. Our solutions are applicable anywhere in the world.

How do we work?


By doing a complete immersion in the client's reality


Preparing an investment and resource allocation strategy


Modernizing the portfolio and the investment portfolio


Following up in search of rebalancing and adjustments

What we do

Euroconsumers Invest has a dedicated team of financial experts with a long track record in the financial markets. In line with our mission and DNA we provide to our partners the following products: 

Investment consulting

We provide financial and investment advice to companies (Financial and Non-Financial) and to investors – from board advisory to executive committees of global brands and entrepreneurs of innovative startups with asset allocations to financial solutions. According to your objectives, we design a customized strategy to address your business challenges and suggest the best financial products and services to achieve your goals.

Financial Literacy

We empower your client through personal finance knowledge and training to value their money and increase employee engagement and retention. We ensure a sustainable and permanent model of investment in your employee, your club or organization member and for your customer.

Unique content analysis

We have financial analysts and economists located in several countries across the European continent, providing a multi-factorial, multi-sectoral assessment of the international landscape. 

All of this is turned into useful, usable content - whether for choosing the best investment for retirement or for a company to manage its assets.

Customised solutions for any size

Finance professionals and companies of any size can have access to even more specialized and detailed content, analysis, and financial advice. So you can make and recommend financial decisions with a strong technical foundation. It’s like having your own team of analysts.

According to the client’s risk profile and objectives, our team designs an investment portfolio. The balance between profitability and volatility complies with each client’s strategic needs

International Partnerships that deliver results

Partners around the world help us create financial products that are inspired by the needs of global stakeholders.

Today we have several partnerships that enable us to offer almost ten financial products. And, if you are part of a financial institution that wants to transform the financial world, we are ready to talk and design a special product.

Partner for Consumers, Associations and Companies to improve Financial Solutions and Markets.

For more information, please contact our Belgium office!


+322 790 41 81


Rue de Hollande, 13, à 1060 Bruxelles