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Interest Rates: The Swiss National Bank Draws It First

The Swiss Central Bank surprised the markets on 21 March by reducing its key interest rate.

By EC Invest

The Helvetic central bank reduced its key interest rate by 0.25% to 1.50%. The big Swiss financiers are the first to relax their policy in developed economies. Inflation is contained in Switzerland, at only 1.2% in February. The Swiss monetary authorities have also highlighted the need to control inflationary pressures to justify the decrease in rent.

The annual price increase has aligned with the inflation target of 0 and 2% over the past nine months. According to official forecasts, inflation averages 1.4% this year, 1.2% in 2025 and 1.1% in 2026. In this context, the Swiss National Bank will undoubtedly continue to reduce its key interest rate in the coming months, especially since it wants to avoid a too-strong franc.


The Swiss financial authorities worry about the appreciation of the Swiss franc, which was quoted several times in the statement announcing monetary easing. A too-strong franc penalises the country’s exports and economic activity. As the European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve prepare for a rate cut in June, the surprise fall in Swiss interest rates in March and the announcement of other upcoming movements should prevent a further surge in the franc's value.

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