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EUROCONSUMERS INVEST, is an investment company registered within the CMVM- Portuguese Securities and Market Commission, under the number 373  and fully owned by Luxembourg's Euroconsumers Group, since 2022.

Among different products and solutions, we provide expertise in financial advice and services to companies (Financial and Non-Financial), and non- professional investors, focusing on professionalism and high quality of the services rendered.

EUROCONSUMERS INVEST operates under the Freedom to Provide Services in several EU countries, such as Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Poland, and was also authorized to operate through a branch in Belgium, during 2022.


The website www.euroconsumersinvest.org is owned by EUROCONSUMERS INVEST.

The visitor may check all the information about the services provided by our Belgium Branch at the FSMA’s website: www.fsma.be .


The information and material on this Website are for information purposes only for the persons who consult this Website regarding the products or services offered by EUROCONSUMERS INVEST (in the Portuguese jurisdiction) and through its branch by EUROCONSUMERS INVEST BELGIUM.

The information and material on this Website is not intended to provide personal advice, including but not limited to financial, investment, tax, accounting or legal advice.

In addition, products and services are limited to countries or jurisdictions expressly mentioned therein and cannot be considered by persons, from any other country or jurisdiction, who access, or use the Website.

In preparing the contents disclosed on the website, the appropriate measures were adopted to ensure that the information contained herein is complete, true, current, clear, objective and lawful and where required approved by the competent regulatory body. “It is possible that the information disclosed on the website may refer to investment products, operations or services related to the activities provided by EUROCONSUMERS INVEST for which additional information is available in separate documents. The recipients of this information may, if they so wish in the course of the specific provision of services, request such additional information, which may be made available by EUROCONSUMERS INVEST at the premises of the company indicated above.”

“Notwithstanding EUROCONSUMERS INVEST's compliance with the conditions set out in the legislation and regulations applicable to the communication or disclosure of information on products, operations or services related with the activities undertaken by it, we highlight that its content and form thereof have not been subject to prior verification and/or approval or registration by any supervisory authority. Any reference to a supervisory authority in this communication should not be taken as an indication of support or approval by that supervisory authority of the services, operations and products disclosed on EUROCONSUMERS INVEST's website.”


EUROCONSUMERS INVEST is under the supervision of the CMVM - Portuguese Securities and Market Commission, that can be reached by email at cmvm@cmvm.pt and phone number (+351) 21 317 70 00.

We are also under the supervision of each national competent authority where the service is provided by our branches, under the freedom to provide services or establish local offices.


The use of the Website by the Users entails the acceptance of all the conditions included in this Legal Notice.

The provision of the Website service has a limited duration at the time when the Users are connected to the Website or to any of the services provided through it. Therefore, Users must carefully read the Legal Notice disclosed on the Website each time they intend to use it, because it may be modified without prior notice.

It is possible that, throughout the provision of the services included on the Website, the name of the domain under which these services are provided is modified. Therefore, the Users are aware of and accept this possibility. In this case, the obligations accepted by the Users and the company will remain in force in accordance with the provisions of this document.


The use of the Website and its content is completely voluntary and under the responsibility of the User.

Access to the Website is free except for the cost of the connection through the telecommunications network provided by the access provider contracted by the User.

Users may only access the contents through the means or procedures that have been made available for this purpose on the Website or are routinely used on the Internet for that purpose, provided that they do not imply the violation of intellectual or industrial property rights or any type of damage to the Website and/or the information or services offered.

Users undertake to use the content and services in a diligent, legal, correct and lawful manner, and they commit themselves to refrain from (non-exhaustive list):

  • use the contents and services in a manner and for purposes contrary to the law, morality and generally accepted good habits or public order;

  • use the contents and services in a way that produces or may produce effects contrary to the law, morality and generally accepted good habits or public order;

  • transmit information, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any obscene, offensive, vulgar material or that may induce criminal, denigrator, defamatory, infamous, violent actions or, in general, contrary to the law, morality and generally accepted good habits or public order;

  • reproduce, copy, or distribute the contents, as well as allow public access to them through any kind of public communication, or transform or modify them, unless you have the authorization of the owner of the corresponding rights or it is legally allowed;

  • violate intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to EUROCONSUMERS INVEST or third parties;

  • use the services and content in a way that may cause damage or overload for the operation of the Website;

  • carry out fraudulent transactions or that may facilitate any kind of illegal or fraudulent conducts and

  • use the contents and services and, in particular, any kind of information obtained through the Website for any type of advertising purpose and, especially, to send advertising, communications for the purpose of direct sale or for any other kind of commercial purpose, individualized unsolicited messages or addressed to a plurality of people, as well as to market or disclose in any way this information.

Users will be responsible for any kind of damages that EUROCONSUMERS INVEST may suffer, directly or indirectly, because of non-respect of the obligations derived from this Legal Notice or the law in relation to the use of the Website.


EUROCONSUMERS INVEST reserves the right to interrupt access to the Website, as well as the provision of any or all of the content provided through it at any time and without prior notice, whether for technical, security or control reasons, maintenance, electric supply failure or any other well-founded cause.

Consequently, EUROCONSUMERS INVEST does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the Website or the contents, so the use of them by Users is carried out at their own responsibility, without the possibility to demand responsibilities for the discontinuity or unavailability of the services.

EUROCONSUMERS INVEST will not be responsible in case of service interruptions, delays, errors, malfunctions and, in general, other inconveniences that originate from causes beyond EUROCONSUMERS INVEST's control, and/or due to the actions of the Users and/or originating from “force majeure”.

EUROCONSUMERS INVEST is not responsible for (i) the content of the information collected on the Website, as well as for (ii) those opinions, comments, appreciations or any other manifestation collected on the Website that are not issued directly by EUROCONSUMERS INVEST.

EUROCONSUMERS INVEST excludes any responsibility for any kind of damages that may be due to the presence of viruses or the presence of other harmful elements in the contents that may cause alteration in computer systems, as well as in the documents or systems stored in them.

EUROCONSUMERS INVEST is not responsible for the contents, whatever they may be, that Users send to EUROCONSUMERS INVEST through the Website, through the e-mail service or by any other means, being therefore assigned to Users any liability derived from the content sent by them.

EUROCONSUMERS INVEST is not responsible for the use that Users make of the content of the Website, nor for their passwords, as well as of any other material contained in the Website, that may cause the violation of any type of national or international regulation, of intellectual or industrial property rights or any other third party right. Likewise, EUROCONSUMERS INVEST is not responsible for possible security errors that may occur due to the use of outdated browser versions, or for the consequences that may arise from the malfunction of the browser, either due to improper configuration, presence of computer viruses or any other cause unrelated to EUROCONSUMERS INVEST


The Website may include links that allow Users to access other Internet websites (hereinafter "Linked Sites"). In these cases, EUROCONSUMERS INVEST will only be responsible for the content and services provided on the Linked Sites when it has effective knowledge of the wrongfulness or of the possible damage of third parties’ rights and it has not deactivated the link with due diligence.

In case Users are of the opinion that there is a Linked Site with illegal or inappropriate content, they may communicate it to EUROCONSUMERS INVEST at the contact address indicated in the first section of this Legal Notice, indicating:

  1. name, postal address, telephone number and email address of the User;

  2. a description of the situation that reveals the illegal or inappropriate condition of the Linked Site; and

  3. an express declaration that the information contained in the communication is accurate.

This communication does not entail the obligation to remove the corresponding link, nor imply, the effective knowledge of the activities and/or contents indicated by the User.

The existence of Linked Sites does not imply the existence of agreements with the owners of these Linked Sites, nor the recommendation, promotion or identification of EUROCONSUMERS INVEST with the content or services provided.

EUROCONSUMERS INVEST does not know the contents and services of the Linked Sites and therefore is not responsible for damages caused by the illegality, quality, outdated, unavailability, error and uselessness of the contents and/or services of the Linked Sites or for any other damage that is not directly assigned to EUROCONSUMERS INVEST

If Users decide to visit and/or use any of the Linked Sites, they will do so at their own risk and will have to take appropriate protection measures against viruses or other harmful elements.


The Internet user who wants to insert links from their own web pages to the Website must comply with the conditions detailed below and the ignorance of them will not waive the responsibilities derived from the law:

  1. The link may not reproduce the web page in any way;

  2. It will be forbidden in any case to frame or display the content together with other content outside the Website in such a way that: (i) it produces, or may produce, error or confusion in the users about the true origin of the service or content; (ii) involves an unfair act of comparison or imitation; (iii) serves to take advantage of EUROCONSUMERS INVEST 's brand reputation and prestige; or (iv) in any other way that is prohibited by current legislation.

  3. False, inaccurate, or incorrect statements or indications about EUROCONSUMERS INVEST, its employees, customers or about the quality of the services it provides will be made from the website that introduces the link;

  4. It will not be expressed or implied on the website where the link is located that EUROCONSUMERS INVEST has given its consent for the insertion of the link or that it sponsors, collaborates, verifies, or supervises the services of this website;

  5. The use of the brand or any other distinctive sign of EUROCONSUMERS INVEST in the website where the link is located is prohibited, except in cases permitted by law or expressly authorized by EUROCONSUMERS INVEST;

  6. The web page that includes the link must comply with the law and cannot link to own content or content of third parties that: (i) are illegal, harmful or contrary to morality and good habits (pornographic, violent , racists, etc); (ii) induce or may induce in the User the false impression that EUROCONSUMERS INVEST subscribes, endorses, adheres to or in any way supports the ideas, statements or expressions, lawful or unlawful, of the website where the link is located; (iii) are inappropriate or irrelevant to EUROCONSUMERS INVEST 's activity based on the place, content and subject of the website where the link is located; and

  7. The insertion of the link does not imply in any case the existence of relations between EUROCONSUMERS INVEST, and the owner of the website on which the link is located, nor the acceptance and approval by EUROCONSUMERS INVEST of its content or the services made available to the public.

EUROCONSUMERS INVEST may request, at any time and without the need to provide the reasons, that any link to its Website will be removed, and the person responsible for the linking website must immediately proceed to remove it.


    10.1 Contents of EUROCONSUMERS INVEST  

All the contents of the Website (texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links, domains, brands and other audiovisual content), as well as their graphic design and codes source, are the exclusive property of EUROCONSUMERS INVEST or third parties, whose rights are recognized by EUROCONSUMERS INVEST, and are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights protected by national and international legislation.

Theuse of any of the elements subject to industrial and intellectual property for any type of purpose, especially commercial, as well as their distribution, public communication, modification, alteration, transformation or de-compilation, is strictly prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by the owner of the rights.

   10.2 Contents provided by Users. 

EUROCONSUMERS INVEST could offer Users the possibility of entering comments, photographs and/or submitting opinions, evaluations and other content to incorporate them in the corresponding sections. The publication of comments, photographs and/or any content is subject to this Legal Notice.

The person identified in each case as the one who has made the comments and/or published the photograph, or any other content is responsible for them. Comments, evaluations and/or photographs or other content do not reflect the opinion of EUROCONSUMERS INVEST.

The User providing the text, photographs or any other content transfers to EUROCONSUMERS INVEST all the rights for their reproduction, use, distribution, public communication and any type of activity on them, in electronic, digital, paper, and any other type of support and, in particular, the User transfers the rights for the publication of the text, photographs or other content on the Website, so that EUROCONSUMERS INVEST and the other Users can access them.

The User declares to be the owner of the rights over the texts, photographs or other content or, where appropriate, guarantees that he has the necessary rights and authorizations of the author or owner of the texts, photographs or other content, for its use by EUROCONSUMERS INVEST through the Website.

EUROCONSUMERS INVEST will not be responsible, unless the Law establishes otherwise, for damages that may be caused by the use, reproduction, distribution or public communication or any type of activity that it carries out on texts, photographs or other content that are protected by intellectual property rights belonging to third parties, if the User has not previously obtained from their owners the necessary authorization to carry out the use they make or intend to make.

EUROCONSUMERS INVEST reserves the right to unilaterally remove comments, evaluations, photographs or other content published on any section of the Website, when there are indications that comments, evaluations, photographs or other content violate any legal provision, violate third party rights, or are used for advertising purposes, as well as when EUROCONSUMERS INVEST considers it appropriate.

EUROCONSUMERS INVEST will not be responsible for the information sent by the User when it does not have effective knowledge that this information is unlawful or that it damages the rights of a third party. If EUROCONSUMERS INVEST has effective knowledge that it publishes this kind of information, it agrees to act diligently to withdraw it or make access to it impossible.


Any clause or provision of this Legal Notice that is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable will be excluded from it and will be considered inapplicable as far as such illegality, invalidity or unenforceability is concerned, and will be replaced by another that will be as similar as possible to the previous one, but will not affect the other provisions, which will be left out of any illegal, invalid or unenforceable clause or provision and will instead remain in full force and effect.

EUROCONSUMERS INVEST excludes any type of guarantee, and, therefore, is free of total responsibility derived from the points expressed above, as well as other aspects that may not be covered in this document.


The relationship between EUROCONSUMERS INVEST and the User will be subject to current Portuguese regulations and any controversy will be submitted to the Courts of Portugal.

In the case of controversies related to online contracting, we inform you that the European Commission makes available to consumers an online platform for the resolution of consumer complaints, which can be accessed through the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=EN .

EUROCONSUMERS INVEST, is an investment company registered within the CMVM- Portuguese Securities and Market Commission, under the number 373, and which is fully owned by Luxembourg's EUROCONSUMERS, S.A., since 2022.


In the event of a dispute, the consumer may use an Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entity:

• Lisbon Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center - http://www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt/ ;

• Vale do Ave Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center - https://www.triave.pt/ ;

• Consumer Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center - https://www.ciab.pt ;

• Coimbra District Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center - http://www.centrodearbitragemdecoimbra.com/ ;

• Algarve Consumer Conflict Information, Measurement and Arbitration Center - https://www.consumidoronline.pt/en/;

• Porto Consumer Information and Arbitration Center - https://www.cicap.pt/;

• National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Disputes (operates throughout the national territory, in areas not covered by another arbitration center with regional competence) - https://www.cniacc.pt/pt;

For more information, please look into the Consumer Portal - https://www.consumidor.gov.pt.


Clients may use the complaints book available at www.livroreclamacoes.pt/Inicio/

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